White Anti-age

Skin brighteners

Depigmenting activity evaluation test (in vitro)

The test for the evaluation of the depigmenting activity of a cosmetic product is performed on cell cultures of in vitro monocytes. From the obtained results, it is confirmed that confirm that the WHITE ANTIAGE product has depigmenting activity. It is in fact able to significantly reduce the production of melanin in cell cultures of melanocytes.

Anti-aging tests (in vitro)

In vitro test, conducted on cells derived from skin tissue (human keratinocytes), appears to be an experimental method capable of giving many useful information to combat skin aging.

The purpose of the test is to assess whether the tested product at different concentrations, has in vitro anti-radical activities. The most popular free radicals, damaging biological systems, are those derived from oxygen and generally known as “Reacting Oxygen Species” (ROS).

Our results confirm that the WHITE ANTIAGE product has antioxidant activity. The product in fact reduces the ROS percentage in human keratinocytes cell cultures subjected to oxidative stress.

Screening Test

The test is used to determine the in vitro SPF (Sun Protection Factor) value of a sunscreen product. The product WHITE ANTIAGE under test was found to have an SPF = 20.