The Amazon Rainforest in our products

The largest reservoir in the world

The Amazon is a giant system of rivers and forests that still hides many secrets. Many species of birds and mammals that live there have not yet been classified. Many areas of the forest are still unexplored.
Here is a summary (Greenpeace source)

The largest forestin the world

The Brazilian Amazon is the largest extension of primary forests in the world and it covers an area larger than all of Western Europe: nearly 6 and a half million square kilometers.
The only Amazon Forest could easily contain 20 times throughout Italy.

The longest river in the world

The Amazon River meanders for 6.868 kilometers, the distance between New York and Berlin. The deepest point of the river reaches 120 meters, enough to sink into it almost two towers of Pisa, one over the other.

The world’s richest biodiversity

One can meet more plant species in one hectare of Amazon forest that across the European continent. Over 200 species of trees can be found in one hectare of Amazon rainforest. One tree has been shown to have 72 different species of ants living in it.

The world’s largest water reserve

25% of the world’s fresh water flows to the rivers of the Amazon. The Amazon basin is the largest freshwater reserve on the planet.

The most mysterious Forest

The immense amount of plant and animal species in the Amazon is still largely unknown. Scientists estimate that only 40% of all insects species have so far been identified. Until now over 300,000 species of plants have been identified, but an estimated 20,000 remain undiscovered.

The larger, the smaller

The diversity and the contrast of life in the Amazon is startling. The Coccoloba leaf (Poligonaceae family) can be larger than a man (2.5 meters in height and 1 meter wide), while a monkey species weighing 130 grams is the size of a toothbrush.