Safety Testing

doBrasil® Cosmetics underwent additional safety testing, not compulsory by law, which however we have voluntarily performed in order to confirm the good skin tolerance of our products. It is important to emphasize that these further tests are accomplished on the finished product, which has already overcome all compulsory safety checks and it has been already evaluated as safe.

DERMATOLOGICAL TEST (in vivo Patch Test)

The Patch Test is carried out on an adequate number of volunteers (at least 20) and it allows to evaluate if the finished product, applied with occlusive modalities (patches) for 15 minutes, for 1 hour and for 24 hours on the skin, determines the onset of visible irritative phenomena (erythema and/or edema).

The exposure conditions are deliberately aggravated and they are very different from the real product use.

After exposure, the skin conditions are evaluated and the average irritation index is calculated in order to classify the product.

dtWith an average irritation index 0,0-

All doBrasil ® products have successfully passed the test and they all turned out to be NON IRRITANT with an average index average irritation tending to zero (0).




NICKEL TEST (in vitro)

All doBrasil® cosmetics undergo nickel tests and they are specially formulated to meet the needs of those with sensitive, allergic and reactive skin. Nickel allergy typically manifests itself with redness, itching, blisters and peeling of the affected areas. The symptoms of nickel sensitization can be caused by the contact with metal alloys and with nickel-containing objects.

However we must remember that nickel can be found in trace amounts everywhere in nature: in water, in soil, in plants, in many foods and even in stainless steel, that is the material they are made of the machinery necessary for the cosmetics production.

So it is impossible that a cosmetic product is “nickel free”.
In fact there are no cosmetics, especially those with natural components, which are totally nickel free. It is possible however, thanks to a selected choice of the raw materials and of modern manudacturing machines, to have a very low concentration of nickel that reduces the risk of triggering an allergic reaction in nickel-sensitive subjects.

Every batch of production of all doBrasil® cosmetics is therfore analyzed to check that the residual concentration of nickel is in infinitesimal traces, normally in the order of 1ppm (equal to 0,00001%). Except DoParà Facial Gommage® and Fanghi d’Amazzonia® (Amazon Mud) products with higher nickel value.



Evaluation of the ocular tolerance of the 42% SKIN-EYE product through clinical trial.

The assessment of ocular tolerance is an important tool for investigating the safety of cosmetic products used in the eye area. The test allows to evaluate whether the product under test is well tolerated in the eye area.

In particular, it tests that the product does not irritate the skin of the eyelids and the conjunctival mucosa.

The 42% SKIN EYE cream has proven to be totally free of unwanted phenomena such as burning or tearing, and to not generate any alteration to the eyelid skin and the conjunctival mucosa.


The test is performed on cultures of human fibroblasts and proves to be an experimental method capable of giving a lot of information about the reactions that may occur in vivo.

The Bio Protective Paste, the Bio Delicate Shower and the Bio Baby Cream of the BABY LINE were subjected to the Test and they all turned out to be NON IRRITANT TO SKIN / EYE.


The test is conducted on human monocytes cell lines, heavily involved in immune responses of the skin, which it is the typical target organ of topical products. The purpose of the test is to assess the absence of pro-sensitizing effects in a cosmetic finished product. The Bio Protective Paste, the Bio Delicate Shower and the Bio Baby Cream of the BABY LINE were subjected to the Test and and they all turned out to be FREE of PRO-SENSITIZING ACTIVITY FOR THE SKIN.