Amazon Man

A line characterized by a fresh fragrance with top notes of mandarin and mint; heart notes of ginger flowers and lemon; base notes of vetiver, amber and notes Aquatic.
The products line leave the skin moist and supple with an immediate feeling of wellbeing. In particular, Body Cream and Aftershave Emulsion generate an anti-stress effect thanks to the extract of Scutellaria. This active ingredient stimulates the production of endorphins, produced by our own body, which improve mood. The line uses the properties of Pracaxi Forest Brazilian Amazon.

  • Amazon Man Aftershave EmulsionAftershave Emulsion

    Amazon Man Aftershave Emulsion


    For whom: for all skin type, even sensitive skin

    How it works

    • It immediately reduces rednesses of the razor
    • It moisturizes, reepithelizes, maintains skin elasticity
    • Anti-stress and anti-ageing action
    • It gives an immediate feeling of well-being
  • Amazon Man Moisturizing Body CreamMoisturizing Body Cream

    Amazon Man Moisturizing Body Cream


    For whom: for all skin types

    How it works:

    • It immediately and deeply moisturizes
    • It tones and revitalizes the skin
    • It stimulates good mood
    • Fast-absorbing, non-greasy
  • Amazon Man Revitalizing Shower GelAmazon Man

    Amazon Man Revitalizing Shower Gel


    For whom: for all skin types, even for more sensitive skin

    How it works:

    • Toning and revitalizing
    • It gives an extraordinary feeling of well-being
    • It leaves skin hydrated
    • Sensual, enveloping, a dive into nature