The delicate and sensitive skin of the feet, in contact with environmental assaults, dust, rubbing of socks and inadequate shoes, loses its moisture balance, dries and cracks especially in the heels. Excessive sweating can also generate a proliferation of bacteria responsible for bad smell. The two specialties of the line, thanks to the special mix of natural substances and their high concentration (up to 20%), recover the shortcomings, keep feet healthy and flexible and normalize the balance of excessive sweating and bacteria. In particular, they use the properties of the natural substances of the Amazon: Copaiba, Maracuja, Babassu and Cupuacu.

  • Foot Cream Nourishing SmoothingFoot Cream Nourishing Smoothing

    Foot Cream Nourishing Smoothing


    For whom: dry, cracked feet

    How it works:

    • Regenerating and smoothing
    • Emollient, nourishing, softening and soothing
    • It repairs and prevents chaps
    • It maintains the skin elastic


  • Foot Cream Purifying Anti-OdourFoot Cream Purifying Anti Odour

    Foot Cream Purifying Anti-Odour


    For whom: for feet with excessive sweating, redness and odor

    How it works:

    • It normalizes and balances excessive sweating and bacteria
    • Prolonged deodorant action
    • It soothes, nourishes, softens, moisturizes