Lips Repair Act

Repairing Lip Balm

Aim of the Study

The study assessed the effectiveness of moisturizing, soothing and protective LIPS REPAIR ACT on dry, arid, reddened, flaking and chapped lips. It was also investigated the functional benefits of the product even in subjects who reported to suffer from herpes.

Subjects of the Study

The clinical and instrumental study was conducted on 20 female subjects aged between 18 and 60 years with dry, arid, reddened, flaking and chapped lips.

Study Duration

In order to determine the immediate moisturizing activity of LIPS REPAIR ACT, values were measured after 15 minutes and 30 minutes after application of the product on the lips. For the determination of an immediate soothing and protective activity, values were measured after 20 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour after application of the product and after a patch application on the forearm of volunteers. The volunteers then used the product by applying it on the lips at least 3 times a day for 28 consecutive days.

Monitoring Parameters

The skin hydration measurements were made with Corneometer®. The corneometry is a measurement technique of the skin electrical capacitance, and thus it expresses the skin hydration state. The instrument translates the electrical parameters into hydration units (scale: 0 to 130).

The instrument used to measure TEWL is the Tewameter®. The method allows to evaluate the integrity of the stratum corneum, with the skin barrier function. The transition from high values of TEWL to normal values in subjects whose epidermal barrier function is impaired indicates an increase in skin hydration, while an increase in TEWL from a normal to high values is a symptom of a damage to the barrier function of epidermis.

The measurement is made with Mexameter® whose special probe emits light at defined wavelengths. A receiver measures the light reflected from the skin. The results obtained are shown by digital displays on a 0 to 999 scale.


At the end of the study period, the subjects were asked to express their personal opinion about the treatment with the product under study.


Immediate Skin Hydration Evaluation

The short-term skin hydration increased by 17.4% after 15 minutes and 14.8% after 30 minutes by using the product (statistically significant result).

Evaluation of Immediate Protective Activity

In order to determine the protective activity of Lips REPAIR ACT, the forearm of each volunteer was divided into two zones: treated area on which the balm was applied; untreated area on which the product was not applied. On both areas it was subsequently applied a patch with a slightly irritating solution that was removed after 20 minutes.

Treated Area 1

Treated Area 2

The treated area with Lips REPAIR ACT, after removing the irritating patch, showed an increase of Skin Redness in only 30% of volunteers, compared with 100% of the volunteers in the non-treated area. Data indicate a product protective effect confirmed also by the value of the Skin Redness that was 1.85 in the treated area with Lips REPAIR ACT and 3.65 in the untreated area (average values).

Evaluation of Immediate Soothing Activity

For the determination of the soothing activity, the forearm of each volunteer was divided into two zones and it was applied a patch with a slightly irritating solution. After 20 minutes, the patch was removed. Lips REPAIR ACT was applied on a area (treated area) while on the other (untreated area) was not applied the product. On both areas the following parameters have been detected: Erythema index, TEWL and Skin Redness, which were also monitored after 30 minutes and 1 hour after removal of the patch.

Change in Skin Redness

The treated area with Lips REPAIR ACT LIPS had a skin redness reduction after 30 minutes and after 1 hour the product application.

The redness reduction was detected by the dermatologist in 100% of volunteers after 1 hour from the application of the product.

Erythema Reduction

In the treated area with Lips REPAIR ACT, the erythema value decreased by 6% after 30 minutes of patch removal of the patch (statistically significant reduction) and by 12% after 1 hour of patch removal (statistically significant).

Epidermal Water Loss

In the treated area with Lips REPAIR ACT, the TEWL value has decreased by 23% after 30 minutes and by 40% after 1 hour of product application (statistically significant). A reduction of TEWL proves a better skin condition and a moisturizing action of the product.

Subjective evaluation (Self-evaluation)

Percentage of subjects who expressed a positive opinion for the following parameters:


Replying to the question “In case of chapped lips, how many days your lips are back to normal?” voluntaries said from 1 day (minimum time) to 8 days (maximum time) the period in which the lips were back to normality (average value 3.9 days).


Lips REPAIR ACT has proved to:

  • Possess a moisturizing, smoothing and protective cosmetic short-term activity in volunteers undergoing clinical-instrumental testing;
  • have an coadiuvant action to keep under control the herpes syntomatolgy;
  • These effects, instrumentally and clinically detected, were perceived by the majority of volunteers participating to the study.