How doBrasil was founded

innovAzione Made in Italy


“Give the skin what skin knows ” was one of the most famous phrases of Professor Gianni Proserpio, teacher and innovator, a pioneer of Italian cosmetology, known throughout Europe.

In 1987, Dr. Marcello Martinelli, a friend and colleague of Professor Gianni Proserpio, united by the same passion for the natural, created in Ravenna a production and research centre for new cosmetics based on natural active ingredients.

In 2005 Dr. Mario Servalli, biologist, got in touch with the extraordinary world of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest and its people. It was a love at first sight. Hence the idea of combining the twenty-year experience of the laboratory Isola Verde Cosmetics in Ravenna (Italy), with the excellent properties of the bioactives of the Amazon with the ambition to create and produce the best possible cosmetics.


In 2007, after two years of research and experimentation, the new cosmetic line doBrasil® was launched in Italy and it doBrasil® and it met immediately the Italian consumers’ favour, more and more attention to the natural, effectiveness and innovation.

Even the “doBrasil®” brand underlines the deep bond with the Brazilian Amazon Forest and its people. In fact, the indigenous peoples gain economic benefits involved in collecting raw seeds and fruits.

“It is important for me – says Dr.Servalli – the quality and the natural raw materials selectioned and the research for true effectiveness. The numerous in vivo tests we made for our products confirm that we succeeded in creating extraordinary high quality products which are able to offer real and visible results. The satisfaction and the enthusiasm of the doBrasil® customers are for my staff and for me the best reward for what we have created.”