Fanghi d’Amazzonia® (Amazon Mud)

Cellulite Mud

Aim of the Study

The study evaluated the efficacy of Fanghi d’Amazzonia® (Amazon Mud) assisting in the reduction of skin imperfections derived from cellulite.

Subjects of the Study

The clinical-instrumental study was conducted on 20 female subjects aged between 18 and 55 years old with with typical cellulite blemishes (thermographic stages from II to III).

Study Duration

The efficacy of the product was evaluated after 15 and 30 days of product use by  non-invasive bioengineering techniques able to quantify thigh circumference, microcirculatory alterations and skin elasticity. The study was completed with the clinical analysis of a dermatologist and with a self-evaluation of the volunteers participating to the study.

Monitoring Parameters

The instrument used is the Cutometer®. The evaluation of skin elasticity is based on the suction / elongation method and the subsequent release of the skin inside of the meter probe. An optical detection system, evaluates then the reached depth by the skin within the probe in the two measuring stages. Data are then graphically and numerically processed in order to calculate the viscoelastic properties of the skin.

Thigh circumference was measured using a millimeter meter. The used instrument is the flexible meter.

SKIN TEMPERATURE (thermographic plates)
Thermographic assessments were acquired through the Cell Meter System Professional kit thermographic slabs. The variation of colors allows to assess the extent and severity of the skin microcirculatory damage and the consequent hypodermic damage according to district variations in skin temperature.

The presence of “orange peel” skin was evaluated by the dermatologist by visual examination and palpation of the affected areas the improvement was classified in compliance with the standardized clinical scale.

The cellulite entity was evaluated by a dermatologist using visual inspection, palpation and with the help of thermal sheets according to clinical scores.

The skin smoothness was evaluated by the dermatologist with visual inspection and palpation of the affected areas in accordance with standardized clinical scores.

The sensation of pain at palpation was evaluated by the dermatologist by palpation of the affected areas according to standardized clinical scores.

At the end of the study period, the subjects were asked to express their personal opinion (from 1 to 10) about the treatment with the product under study.


Instrumental evaluation of Thigh Circumference Reduction

Fanghi 1

The use of the product has resulted in a reduction of thigh circumference already on the 15th day of treatment.

Skin Elasticity instrumental evaluation

Fanghi 2

The use of the product has resulted in a significant increase in skin elasticity of 6.30% on the 15th day and 13.1% on 30th day of treatment (average values).

Clinical evaluation – Subcutaneous microcirculation

Graphic 1

The clinical thermographic analysis showed an improvement of the subcutaneous microcirculation in 40% and in 55% of subjects, respectively after 15 and 30 days of treatment.

Clinical evaluation – “Orange peel” skin

Graphic 2

The clinical analysis showed a reduction in “orange peel” skin, the skin blemish that highlights the presence of cellulite. This improvement is recorded in 35% and in 55% of subjects, respectively after 15 and 30 days of treatmment.

Clinical evaluation – Skin Smoothness

Graphic 3

The use of the product has led to a marked improvement in skin smoothness 40% and in 65% of subjects, respectively after 15 and 30 days of treatment.

Subjective evaluation

Percentage of subjects who expressed a positive opinion, on the fifteenth day of treatment, for the following parameters:

Fanghi 6


Fanghi d’Amazzonia® (Amazon Mud) product had a positive effect, in the treatment period, on evaluated parameters in subjects undergoing study.

In particular, the product led to:

  • an improvement in skin elasticity;
  • a normalization of the cutaneous microcirculation highlighted by the analysis of thermal contact;
  • a reduction of thigh circumference;
  • an aesthetic improvement of the skin appearance (smoothness) resulting in a reduction of the typical cellulite (“orange peel” appearance) and improving the sensation of pain felt by palpation of the affected area.
  • Moreover the product was judged well tolerated, effective and pleasant to use.