100% Global Antiage®

Deep wrinkles and anti-aging

Aim of the Study

The study aimed to assess the effectiveness of the anti-wrinkle cream 100% GLOBAL ANTIAGE® in the treatment of deep wrinkles and skin roughness.

Subjects of the Study

The clinical-instrumental study was conducted on 20 female subjects aged 40 to 65 years with a clinical-dermatological picture characterized by skin roughness due to physiological aging (chrono-aging): mimic muscle wrinkles (deep expression wrinkles), such as: horizontal forehead wrinkles, vertical glabelar wrinkles, horizontal glabelar wrinkles, frontal and periocular wrinkles (also known as “Crow’s feet” wrinkles); gravitational wrinkles (skin-muscle laxity) such as nose-genieni folks (nasolabial folds, commonly known as “smile lines), lip-geniene wrinkles.

Study Duration

100% GLOBAL ANTIAGE® cream has been applied twice a day, morning and evening, on cleansed face with a gentle massage until completely absorbed. After 15 and 30 days of use, the effectiveness of the product was evaluated by non-invasive bioengineering techniques in order to quantify the hydration of the stratum corneum, the skin elasticity, the functionality of the barrier and the skin’s relief.

Monitoring Parameters

The skin’s relief was evaluated using Primos 3D. The instrument’s sensor gives an evaluation of the profilometric properties of the skin relief (eg. wrinkle depth and wrinkle volumes, roughness, etc.). This study calculated the profilometric parameters of wrinkle depth.

The used instrument was the CUTOMETER. The assessment of the skin elasticity was based on a suction/elongation method and the subsequent release of the skin in the probe of the measuring device.
An optical detection system has then assessed the depth reached by the skin within the probe in the two phases of measurement. The data are then processed graphically and numerically in order to calculate viscoelastic properties of the skin.

The measurement of skin hydration was based on internationally recognized method CORNEOMETER®. The measuring probe has shown the changes of water content of skin sample under test.

The instrumental analysis was completed by a dermatologist’s clinical assessment.

At the end of the study period, the subjects were asked to express their personal opinion (from 1 to 10) about the treatment with the product under study.


Evaluation of skin relief – Wrinkle depth

Wrinkle Depth

The use of the product has resulted in a significant reduction in deep lines of expression (which are the most difficult to treat) by 14.3% after 15 days and by 21.9% after 30 days.

Evaluation of skin relief – Rz parameter – Skin Roughness

Reduction Skin

The use of the product has resulted in a significant reduction in skin roughness by 11.0% after 15 days and by 14.1% after 30 days. A decrease in the roughness parameters Rz – skin roughness corresponds to a decrease of wrinkles.

Evaluation – Skin Elasticity

Increase Skin Elasticity

The use of the product has resulted in a significant increase in skin elasticity by 11.0% after 15 days and by 14.1% after 30 days.

Evaluation – Skin Hydration


The use of the product has resulted in a significant increase in skin Hydration by 18.9% after 15 days and by 29.3% after 30 days.



Percentage of subjects who expressed positive opinion

Subjective Evaulation


The application of 100% GLOBAL ANTIAGE® cream in people showing signs of chronological (physiological) aging, has implied an improvement in skin relief’s appearance. This effect, measured as a reduction in wrinkle depth and in skin roughness and as an increased smoothness, is then the result of the improvement of the skin tropism, highlighted in this study, study by the positive change in skin elasticity, skin hydration and skin barrier function.

The clinical examination showed an improvement of the skin’s aesthetic appearance in terms of a reduced visibility of wrinkles. Most participants in the study also perceived these effects, instrumentally and clinically detected.