Nowadays, certifications on cosmetic products are not mandatory. We went voluntarily down the road of certification to ensure that our products are what we say, a guarantee for our consumers and distributors. Quality and transparency are important values for us.

CCPB Certification – 95% of Natural Origin

The quality of the doBrasil® cosmetics is guaranteed not only by the effectiveness of its formulas but
also by the use of high-quality raw materials of natural origin. The “Natural Ingredients” label guarantees that at least 95% of the ingredients in the doBrasil® cosmetics are from natural origin, as certified by the CCPB certification organization, as a result of strict controls on the supply chain of raw materials and on the entire manufacturing process.
Exceptions are Mousse H2O Comfort, Siero viso Ialuronic Açai®, White Anti-Age cream, Eau de parfum, Eau de toilette and Protective Suncreen products for which we have chosen to use the newest generation of chemical filters that are photostable which provide a constant and safe skin protection from the sun’s rays.

NATRUE Certification – Organic Cosmetic

The organic line doBrasil® Baby Line, intended for babies and children, has been certified NATRUE in its highest level – Organic Cosmetic.

NATRUE is a Brussels based international non-profit association founded in 2007 to protect and promote the quality and the integrity of truly natural and organic cosmetics worldwide, in a sector which still lacks a legal and harmonized definition.

NATRUE label ensures the maximum level of naturalness for ingredients and products and it offers the consumer three different levels of certification:

• Natural cosmetics
• Natural cosmetics with organic portion (with 70% Organic Ingredients)
• Organic cosmetics (with 95% Organic Ingredients)

Each product of the Bio doBrasil ® Baby Line, leading the Organic cosmetics’ NATRUE label, has undergone rigorous certification criteria, publicly available on the website NATRUE, and it has underwent a process of control and an independent certification performed by the entity CCPB.

At least 95% of the natural ingredients within the doBrasil ® Baby Line products come from certified organic and/or controlled wild harvest in compliance with European Union’s Eco Regulations.


100% Made in Italy

Our company and all doBrasil® cosmetics have been awarded with the “100% Made in Italy” Certificate from the certification organization ITPI (Istituto per la Tutela dei Produttori Italiani – Institution for the Safeguarding of Italian Manufacturers).
This certification guarantees that all doBrasil® products are designed, formulated and manufactured entirely in Italy, to ensure consumers on productive quality, value and origin of Italian quality products.



Respecting the environment means ensuring a future for all of us.
For this reason, for the packaging of the doBrasil® product lines we use FSC paper that certifies with its own label the paper and the cardboard which come from renewable and eco-sustainable forest resources.