Business Opportunities

Becoming a doBrasil ® cosmetic distributor or importer is an opportunity for those who are interested to combine Nature, Efficacy, Innovation and the Italian Quality (100% Made in Italy) in the wide skin care industry.

What we offer?

  • A full line of certified natural and organic cosmetic products based on natural active principles from Amazon Rainforest, without parabens, formaldeide releasers, PEG, chemical colorants, petroleum derivates and substances coming from animals.
  • More than 120 products for woman, men and children: face, body, hair, hands, lips, feet line, top-line products, sunscreens and after sun sunscreen, as well as some specialties and all the perfumed lines.
  • A constant Innovation in the cosmetics formulation aiming to increase tested Efficacy and to widen our product portfolio to the market.
  • A proven market success in Italy. DoBrasil® is a well-recognized and highly regarded brand with constant increasing in the pleasure and well-being of consumers


  • We start the partnership with a personalized pilot project in order to meet gradually your specific market needs
  • We can offer an exclusive contract to develop the market providing a good business plan