42% Skin Eye

Eye dark circles - eye bags - face

The 42% SKIN EYE cream contains Murumuru butter from Brazilian Amazon Rainforest in combination with a special protective Plant Complex, bioavailable Ceramides, Rice Bran oil, Vitamin E and Apple Stem Cells in synergy with the innovative multifunctional plant-origin complex REGU®-AGE, protected by international patent right.

The concentration of this active substance (5%) used in 42% SKIN EYE cream is the same concentration with which efficacy tests have been performed on REGU®-AGE.

In vivo tests on the active ingredient have highlighted the capacity of REGU®-AGE (at a concentration of 5%) to reduce, in only 4-week treatment, eye dark circles by up 32%, eye bags by up 25% and to improve skin smoothness and skin texture by up 32%. Numerous in vitro tests have also demonstrated the capacity of REGU®-AGE to strongly improve the hemodynamics and microcirculation of capillary system and to increase the amount of fibroblasts in the dermis with a consequent strengthening of connective tissue and skin elasticity improvement.


Dark Circles

Eye Bags

Skin Smoothness


The 42% SKIN EYE finished product has been subjected to:


42% SKIN EYE has resulted totally free from undesired phenomena such as burning and tearing and it does not generate any alteration of the eyelid skin and of the conjunctival mucosa.


The subjective assessments of the volunteers (20) were collected after 28 days of continuous product use.


Percentage of subjects who expressed a positive opinion for the following parameters:

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